Benefits of Direct Booking

Best Price & Widest Room Selection

Amadria Park Exclusive Club

Exclusive Prices For Members Only!

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You’ll always benefit by receiving the best prices and best cancellation policies from booking directly with Amadria Park – via our website, by phone or by email. Only with us will you find the widest room selection.

For your tailored and personalised stay

From the very first contact, we strive to provide a stay that meets your specific, personal requirements in every aspect, with the utmost respect for your confidentiality.

Loyalty guest savings

If you have stayed in any of our hotels within the last 5 years you’ll receive loyalty savings on your stay, or any of our special offers.

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Unique special offers & attractions

Only direct bookings guarantee you access to our short-term and themed special offers. An additional benefit is that you can book all our extra services and attractions.

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Early check-in & Late check-out

Only for direct reservations on our website

Pay later

With our flexible payment option, you can finalise your payment on the spot.

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