A chocolate lover's dream, filled with sweet programmes and surprises

Opatija Chocolate Festival

December, 2020

Visit Opatija for this event – a chocolate lover’s dream, filled with sweet programs and surprises. During the Chocolate Festival weekend, Opatija reveals a delicious, seductive array of chocolate menus, cocktails, live music and much more.

Participating Amadria Park venues include Milenij’s Caffé Wagner and Restaurant Argonauti, the Gastro World’s Caffe Continental, Osteria da Ugo and Milenij Choco World.

Among the attractions you’ll find at Milenij Choco World:

  • A mouth-watering Choco Window display
  • Our famous stress relief Choco Crash – break open a half-kilo block of chocolate with a hammer and eat the biggest piece
  • The making of an ‘Opatija camellia cake’
  • Chocolate workshops where you can learn how to make chocolate goodies for your festive table at home

Opatija Chocolate Festival details.


Amadria Park’s two-month-long, indulgent Chocolate Advent Magic!

Visiting Opatija during the most leisurely weekend of the year? Enjoy Amadria Park hotels’ chocolate magic for almost two months!

Chocolate remains an extremely popular item that people find hard to resist. Chocolate Advent at Amadria Park hotels can be enjoyed throughout November and December! Come along and try special chocolate menus, including new hot chocolate flavours, choco smoothies, chocolate cakes and tarts, Happy Hour specials, various workshops, Advent events and lots of sweet surprises.

Caffes Wagner and Continental have prepared a huge selection of chocolate sweets and over 30 flavours of hand-made chocolate pralines. Make sure you sample the hot chocolate (to go) with new flavours of coconut, strawberry creme, white chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate nougat, dark chocolate and more.

Special menus in which chocolate accompanies gourmet meat and fish dishes can be tried at hotel Milenij’s Restaurant Argonauti, Restaurant Camellia at Grand Hotel 4 Opatijska Cvijeta and Osteria da Ugo at Gastro World.

Naturally, the sweetest and most innovative delights await you at Milenij Choco World, a production of genuine Milenij Choco brand chocolate in the heart of Opatija. Specially-trained chocolatiers produce famous pralines, chocolates and chocolate masterpieces year-round that delight both young and old. Chocolate is available here in all shapes, sizes and flavours, while specially designed tastings and workshops teach you interesting facts about chocolate and the best way to consume it.

Apart from chocolate, you’ll find many other sweet surprises, candies, unique and hand-made children’s toys, premium coffee and tea from all over world. Milenij Choco World’s story is particularly popular during the Opatija Chocolate Festival, first weekend of December.

Discover all the chocolate secrets of Milenij Choco World and give your loved ones the sweetest souvenir and gift of all from Opatija!