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Luxury & Eleagance

Our commitment to luxury extends beyond the accommodation, as we offer an array of upscale amenities and services to cater to your every need. Immerse yourself in ultimate relaxation at our world-class spas, where expert therapists await to pamper you with indulgent treatments and rejuvenating therapies. Savor culinary masterpieces crafted by our award-winning chefs at our fine dining restaurants, where every bite is a symphony of flavor and creativity.

Our Hotels:
Amadria Park Hotel Milenij *****
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Amadria Park Hotel Capital Zagreb
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Amadria Park Hotel Ivan ****+
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Special Offers:

Amadria Park Hotel Andrija

Easter Break – hotels Ivan, Jure, Andrija & Niko

Pack up your bags for a mid-spring family getaway this Easter!


Destinations Higlights:

Đardin – The Opatija Flower Festival

The Đardin Festival, an authentic Opatija event, will take place for the first time this year from April 28th to April 30th, 2024! The festival will be held in the nursery area of Park Angiolina, where you can explore the sale of seasonal and other flowers, cacti, indoor plants, as well as workshops for adults and children. (more…)

Attractions @Amadria Park:


Dalmatian Ethno Village

Step into the region’s rich history with a visit to a ‘living museum’ – the Dalmatian Ethno Village.


Why Choose Amadria Park for Your Holiday Destination?

Diverse Experiences

Amadria Park offers a wide range of activities and amenities to cater to various interests, whether it’s relaxation by the beach, indulging in world-class spa treatments, or enjoying thrilling water sports and adventure activities.

Exceptional Accommodation

From luxurious hotels and villas to cozy apartments and camping options, Amadria Park provides top-notch accommodation tailored to suit every traveler’s preferences and budget, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay

Culinary Delights

With a diverse selection of restaurants and bars offering both local delicacies and international cuisine, Amadria Park promises a gastronomic journey filled with delicious flavors and unforgettable dining experiences.