Local Gastronomy: Štruklijada Festival – Zagorje

July, 2020 | Bedekovčina, Bedekovčanska jezera


The Štruklijada Festival is a regional gastronomy event in the Croatian Zagorje county, just north of the City of Zagreb,

in celebration of the Zagorje štrukli, a traditional and distinct dish from the region. The original ‘Zagorje Strudel’ is made from fresh cow’s cheese, homemade butter, eggs and corn flour mixed with wheat, covered with homemade sour cream and baked in a wood-fired bread oven. Each year sees a competition of locally prepared štrukli, with the title of ‘Best Štrukli’ awarded to the winner of the tasting festival. The Zagorje region is also famous for its thermal springs, flawless nature and cultural heritage. This event is co-sponsored by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

Venue: a different location each year, in the Zagorje region.


More information about the Štruklijada Festival.