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5 ideas for an intimate getaway from the crowds

The Šibenik region is ideal for those seeking a more romantic escape and secluded places for two. Unlike other Adriatic destinations, Šibenik and its surroundings are still a relatively well-kept secret.

In addition to the town of Šibenik, which offers wonderful opportunities to walk along the idyllic, narrow stone streets reminiscent of the past, there are several places that provide an ideal escape from crowds.

1. Kornati National Park


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You couldn’t imagine a better escape than sailing between the 89 beautiful islands and reefs laid out side by side like pearls scattered in the sea.

In Kornati you can dive and experience the full charm of this protected island and marine paradise, but if you prefer relaxation, choose one of countless beaches to enjoy the warm Mediterranean sun all to yourself, with only sounds, scents and beautiful sights to keep you company.

2. Lake Vrana Nature Park


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Lake Vrana is lesser-known, but its beauty is no less valuable as a nature park; only half an hour drive from Šibenik.

This protected site is special because of its beautiful nature and unique wetlands where it is possible to view up to an incredible 234 bird species!

At Lake Vrana nature park you can walk the educational trails, enjoy the views over the Kornati from special lookout points, or for those more adventurous there is kayaking, bike paths and an adrenaline park.

3. Source of the Cetina River


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The Cetina is the longest Dalmatian river that offers unforgettable landscapes throughout its course. However, what leaves every visitor breathless is its source.

Cetina has several springs located in the hinterland of Šibenik, and the one you want to visit is Cetina spring (or Glavaš vrelo), a small yet deep ‘lake’ that appears like a large blue-green eye. At first glance it appears to be only a few meters deep, but you will quickly notice an endless abyss.

We do not recommend swimming in the lake, as the water temperature does not exceed 8°C, and the total depth of the sink-hole is still unknown, as it’s only been explored to a depth of 100 metres.

This remarkable natural attraction, only an hour’s drive from Sibenik in the serene Dalmatian hinterland, will amaze anyone who visits it, along with the nearby 9th century Church of Holy Salvation and the stone bridge made of medieval stećci (megaliths).

4. Faust Vrančić Memorial Centre


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Faust Vrančić was a Croatian inventor, writer, innovator and bishop born in 1551. Maybe not as well known as Nikola Tesla, but often referred to as Croatia’s Leonardo da Vinci, some of his inventions include the first operating parachute (Homo Valens), the first shock absorber, sundial, and he also innovated mill and bridge designs including the very first chain suspension bridge, now a very well-known and used structure.

On the island of Prvić, located in the Šibenik archipelago, is a memorial centre where you can get to know more about the life and inventions of this multi-talented genius through an exhibition of around 50 recreated models of his inventions.

In addition to the Faust Vrančić Memorial Centre, be sure to take the opportunity for a romantic stroll on this beautiful, peaceful island of less than 500 inhabitants.

5. Amadria Park hotel Jure


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Finally, we have saved our recommendation on where to stay until last; a place from where you can visit all of these waiting-to-be-explored, romantic locations. Amadria Park hotel Jure is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a modern, chic hotel with beach access, infinity pool, an 18-plus spa centre and stunning sea views.

The relaxing aesthetic of hotel Jure is a true oasis for couples seeking tranquility: for romantic evenings we suggest dinner at the nearby Dalmatian Ethno Village for local, traditional culinary specialties, and if you want to chill at a stylish party you’ll find the glamorous day-time En Vogue Beach Club right on the beach.

Don’t forget to indulge in the intimate setting of Jure Spa and try a relaxing massage for two.

If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday away from the crowds you don’t need to go far. Head to Dalmatia and stop in Šibenik. You will discover the beautiful Dalmatian town and its surrounds, still managing to keep a large number of visitors at bay.