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Aquapark Dalmatia


Visit the first theme aquapark in Croatia!

Experience a water adventure in the Aquapark Dalmatia theme park, which covers 8,000 square meters. Aquapark Dalmatia provides unique entertainment for all generations with its wide range of attractions. For all those who prefer a little more active fun, there are open and closed slides with numerous water effects, jets, sprinklers and waterfalls. Relax in a comfortable reel by gliding gently through the “lazy river” and enjoy the summer adventure of Aquapark Dalmatia. The highest point of the park is at 13.5 meters where the Great Barrel is located. It pours as much as 1000 liters of water on visitors who find themselves under it every few minutes, and brings joy and excitement to all visitors. For refreshment, there is a snack bar Splash that will give you back your energy so you can indulge in the summer magic again.