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Biking in the Šibenik Region

An abundance of biking trails can be found all over the Šibenik region – through picturesque terrain, that in its unique, raw beauty, includes coastal, rural and hill tracks offering breathtaking views of island-dotted seas, bountiful olive groves and vineyards through countryside lined with drystone walls, rocky, open plains and shady forests.

Trails around the Krka River and the nearby hinterland feature medieval fortresses and an abundance of archeological sites, while the biodiverstity of protected nature park and Croatia’s largest lake, Vrana, has a special ornithological status due to the untouched bird habit and the vast number of bird species using the area as their migratory route and breeding grounds.

For the more adventurous mountain bikers, the region offers around 2,500km of demanding and steep trails, particularly in nearby Vodice. The majority of bike trails have macadam surfaces.

You can pick up a bike map from the Šibenik Tourist Board, or visit the website for comprehensive information about bike tracks and trails in the Šibenik region.


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