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How we’re doing our part to care for the planet

Our respect for the environment and our love for our destinations runs deep. As a 116-year-old, family-owned company it’s been a passion of ours from the very beginning. After all, It’s our heritage!

Our beautifully manicured gardens, well-kept terraces and exteriors are your first introduction to our locations. Their defining qualities are well-recognized, featuring in many postcards and destination images. Horticultural designs value the tradition of each site centring on: an impressive, native Mediterranean landscape in Šibenik; sculpted, Habsburg-vintage gardens in Opatija; and deco-inspired, lush indoor-palm greenery in our Zagreb city hotel.

The visual aesthetics are only one part that represents a cohesive environmental and ecological vision. We are ever-consciously seeking ways to implement or improve these meaures. Following are some surprising, varied and behind-the-scenes ways in which we continue to achieve this.



Environmental awareness

Ever heard of EM™ Technology? Effective Microorganisms (EM) Technology was developed 38 years ago by Teruo Higa, a Japanese professor and author of the renowned book series “An Earth Saving Revolution”, as a naturally-derived, non-GMO, food-safe and sustainable probiotic alternative to pesticide and chemical farming.

The technology has since expanded from use in agriculture to effluent and waste water treatment, unpleasant odour control, farm and animal health, human health and innumerable industrial treatments. We are proud to let you know that we’ve been applying the EM Technology approach to our waste water and sewerage treatments for a number of years.

Caring for the environment

We know that conventional detergents place a strain on the environment, that’s why our laundries only use detergents with the EU Ecolabel certification. This guarantees a reduced amount of total chemicals, limits substances harmful to the environment, results in increased biodegradability, comes in less wasteful packaging, provides a more efficient wash and offers reliable consumer information.

Our guests also contribute by electing to reduce the frequency of wash cycles for towels and bedlinens.

Waste treatment

We have been sorting our rubbish for years – paper, cardboard and plastics are bundled and saved for recycling; we separate our plastics, metals, oils and cooking oils as each has a specific disposal method to reduce environmental impact.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency has been identified as one of the most effective ways of positively impacting on climate change. Benefits of energy-efficient appliances, lighting and so many other simple solutions really add up. At Amadria Park we have also converted our boiler rooms so that they operate more efficiently on electricity than they did previously on heating oil.