Šibenik region's surrounds offer diverse and beautiful landscapes with numerous locations for hiking
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Hiking, Trekking & Mountaineering Around Šibenik

Numerous mountain peaks around the Šibenik region offer trails for hiking and trekking, catering to various levels of fitness. Visitors can relish the feeling of solitude, adventurous heights and clean mountain air while enjoying sweeping panoramas in a mix of natural landscapes and breathtaking views:

  • Promina mountain – the central point of the Šibenik-Knin county – near Drniš, is easily accessible and rises between the Krka River and Petrovo Polje to a peak of 1,149 m
  • Velebit mountain range – Croatia’s longest – is a nature park protected under UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves (Man and the Biosphere Programme – MAB) contains two national parks, Paklenica and Northern Velebit, and offers some visually spectacular and inspirational trails, particularly its southern peaks, reaching the highest points at Vaganski Vrh 1,757 m, and the Sveto Brdo peak of 1,751 m
  • Dinara mountain range – 15 km from Knin, forms the rugged, natural border between Croatia and Bosnia, rising to the 1,831 m Sinjal on Mt Dinara – Croatia’s highest peak. From here, neighbouring mountains Promina, Svilaja and the Dinara’s highest point in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Troglav, are clearly visible
  • Biokovo mountain – the awesome beauty of this mountain range, also a nature park, rises sharply from the coastline on the Makarska riviera to heights over 1,500 m, with the highest peak of Sveti Jure reaching 1,758 m. Accessible from the hinterland as well as from Makarska, the various trails are suitable for hiking or biking, with views over the Adriatic, the islands, Bosnia and Herzegovina and even Italy on a clear day.

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