Best Adventure in Opatija !

Opatija Adventure

Cliffs & Caves Kayak Adventure


Kayaking down the coastline of Opatija, swimming in underwater caves and across beautiful coves. If you’re asking us, this sounds like a perfect summer day.


But let’s start from the beginning. After meeting up and going through a short briefing with our guide on Slatina beach, we’ll be off on our kayaks to the “Devil’s rock”. On your way, you will be listening to fascinating stories about Opatija’s history and present as we move along the coast. Upon arriving to the “Devil’s rock”, better known as “Grotta del Diavolo”, we begin the tour of the cave’s entrances. Those who are brave enough can try jumping off a cliff, while some may want to explore the cave by going in and listening to an interesting story about the secrets that a nearby Villa hides. But, we will let our guides tell you the rest.


Snorkeling & Kayak Adventure


Kayaking and diving. Take a peek into the Opatija undersea and experience the unforgettable beauty of the rocky coast and sandy seafloor.


But, first things first. After preparation and instructions from the guide at Plaža Slatina, we set off  to Ičići in kayaks. Along the way, we stop at three places for diving. Sandy seafloor, rocky shores, fish, maybe some octopus… that’s what you can expect on this adventure.


This kayak tour is perfect for families with children, friends, couples and groups. Previous experience with kayaking is not required, but every participant needs to know how to swim.


Kayak excursion is not a demanding activity and it’s quick and easy to learn. You just bring your smile and good spirit and we will take care of the rest!


Explore Kayak Adventure


Explore Opatija by kayak. Rowing, swimming and snorkeling in the coves and beaches from Slatina to Volosko.


Firstly,  after preparations and instructions from the guide on Slatina beach, we will start kayaking to Volosko. Along the way, you will hear fascinating stories from the past and present of Opatija and other places we pass by. Through this excursion we will make a few stops for swimming and snorkeling. The beauty of Opatija, its hotels, villas and parks will surely delight you.