Opatija is a city that’s ideal for walking and easy leisure.
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Opatija’s Seafront Promenades

Known for having the longest seafront promenade in Croatia, Opatija is a city that’s ideal for walking and easy leisure.

Over a century old, the popular walking trail referred to simply as Lungomare, is a 12 km walking trail officially named Franz Joseph I Promenade after the Austro-Hungarian Emperor, connecting the towns of the Opatija Riviera from Volosko to Lovran.

Along the way, discover the monuments dedicated to historical local figures, explore the charm of local fishing villages, marvel at the exquisite architecture of grand villas and find your own zen amongst the many parks and gardens.

Or, follow the 7km Carmen Sylva forest path – a gift from Romania’s King Carol I who enjoyed horse-riding here – for a rejuvenating and invigorating stroll between the glittering sea and the spectacular vistas of Opatija.

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