UNESCO Heritage St James Cathedral is Šibenik's most defining landmark.
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St James Cathedral & Šibenik Old Town

St James Cathedral is an architectural marvel even to this day. Built over a 105-year period, from the mid-15th to the mid-16th century, construction commenced in the Gothic style and was completed in the Renaissance style, including the famous stone dome. The structure is listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage register.

Šibenik’s patron saint, St Michael, features as an exterior sculpture, the same figure that represents the Šibenik coat of arms.

The Cathedral is built entirely from local stone and famous Brač limestone. This wonder of construction is held together entirely by interlocking stones, there are no nails, glue, cement or any other kind of fastenings used. One of the most interesting features of St Jacob’s Cathedral is the exterior stone heads, numbering over 70, representing ordinary citizens of Sibenik from the 15th century.


A trove of discoveries awaits in Šibenik Old Town, with its meandering, narrow streets lined with traditional limestone houses punctuated by carved artwork and red <!–more–>terracotta rooftops. For those seeking a sea view, the colourful Šibenik Riviera – with its beach, dining options and bars, and view of the historic old town – offers a pleasant promenade to enjoy a leisurely stroll, soak up the sights and drink in the atmosphere of this charismatic destination.

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