The original seaside getaway Villa Angiolina is named after the late wife of its first owner and builder, a wealthy merchant from Rijeka
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Villa and Park Angiolina

Villa Angiolina

Built in 1844 by Rijeka merchant Ignio Scarpa, it marks the beginning of Opatija’s appeal as a getaway destination, and Croatia’s first and longest- running tourism tradition. The Villa is now part of the Croatian Museum of Tourism.

Angiolina Park

A great nature lover Scarpa also left a horticultural legacy, originating back to 1845 – 1860, with 60 ornamental fields and over 150 plant species decorating the grounds around Villa Angiolina. It features many exotic plants from all over the world, including the exotic Japanese camellia (Camellia Japonica), which has since become a symbol of tourism for Opatija.

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