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Amadria Park Grand Hotel 4 opatijska cvijeta

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Peaceful Oasis Of Relaxation & Wellbeing

Enter the alluring world of our seaside Wellness Oasis and allow us to elevate your relaxation to a higher level. Discover the secret to feeling your best through the therapeutic benefits of water and experience nature’s magical healing powers. Indulge yourself in our water-based therapies, benefit your health with our saunas and luxuriate in a sublime spa treatment.

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Led Therapy Mask

Specialized infrared light treatment in different lengths and spectra treats wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, acne and inflammation. Stimulate collagen production and refresh yourself with an Led face mask!

Our choco ritual

Anti stress body & face massage that will nourish your skin and senses and improve your mood. After the massage continue your relax with a glass of champagne and chocolate pralines Milenij Choco

Thai Massage

Enjoy our traditional Thai Massage. A traditional practice from Thailand that combines acupressure, yoga postures, and deep tissue massage to release tension and promote relaxation.

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The offer includes: Choice of 3 massages Energy Massage - intuitive massage with high-quality rosemary and sea pine-based oils Lavender Refresh - almond oil with dried lavender flowers for a gentle exfoliating effect, providing a sense of relaxation and nourishment Rosemary Detox - stimulating body detox massage with pindas filled with dried rosemary, combined with warm aroma oils, refreshing and clearing the mind and body Energetic drink prepared from fresh fruits Body hydration with herbal teas and seasonal fruits in the Spa area Individual training with a fitness trainer

85 EUR

Aroma Spa Massage

30 min / 50 min Choose your mediterranean scent (citrus, lavender, immortelle or mandarin) and remove your stress with aromatherapy. Carefully selected essential oils will reduce ailments, restore your vitality and regenerate the skin.

53,09 / 79,63 EUR

Pro-collagen Age Defy Treatment

30 min / 60 min Moisturising anti-ageing face and eyes treatment stimulates the production of natural collagen, restructures the eye contour and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

59,73 / 106,18 EUR

Amadria Park Luxury Experience Massage

90min Massage with exclusive oils tailored to your individual needs. It restores the body to balance, regenerates the skin, relieves stress and puts a smile back on your face.

146,00 EUR

Amadria Park Choco Massage

60 min Antistress body massage improves mood, nourishes and remineralizes the skin. We recommend Choco Massage for stress relief and improving dry and exhausted skin.

92,91 EUR

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