Convention Centre Šibenik

Šibenik Event Space

A world-class venue

This is the first and largest convention centre in the Croatia and Adriatic region. A world-class venue offering 11 state-of-the-art meeting halls, the centre is spread out over three easy-to-navigate levels, each floor serving a different function. 

Our Ground Floor event space, with its movable stage, is well suited for large gatherings. The Lower Floor – featuring open space and a bar – is geared towards exhibitions and conferences, while the First Floor is designed for meetings and break-out sessions. Whether you require one hall, two halls or the entire centre, our experts can help you plan a smooth and successful event.

Good To Know


Main hall capacity – the largest in the Adriatic region


maximum total capacity


Multipurpose event space


Individual meeting halls – most offer natural light

Name Size Maximum Capacity Ceiling Height
Hall Šibenik I 777m2 1,000 7,65m
Hall Šibenik II 384m2 500 7,65m
Hall Šibenik I + II 1,161m2 1,500 7,65m
Hall Šibenik III 224m2 200 3,25m
Hall Šibenik IV 135m2 120 3,25m
Hall Šibenik III + IV 359m2 340 3,25m
Hall Šibenik V 114m2 100 3,25m
Hall Šibenik VI 84m2 60 3,25m
Hall Šibenik V + VI 198m2 160 3,25m
Hall Šibenik VII 45m2 16 2,7m
Hall Šibenik VIII 53m2 20 2,7m
Hall Šibenik IX 98m2 50 2,7m
Hall Šibenik X 252m2 200 3,0 m
Hall Šibenik XI 183m2 150 3,0 m
Hall Šibenik X + XI 435m2 350 3,0 m
Level-1 Open Plan 1,365m2 640 3,25m

The Perfect Location

Address Hoteli Solaris 86, 22000, Šibenik, Croatia
Telephone +385 22 361 001
Airport Distance Šibenik - Split Airport 55 km
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