Amadria Park Venues

( Šibenik )

Mediterranean Conference Experience-1

Mediterranean Conference Experience

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Šibenik Town Hall-2

Šibenik Town Hall

In medieval times, Šibenik’s grand town hall was the most prominent building in the city. Built sometime between 1533 and 1546, the graceful Renaissance building sits on the central town square and is one of the most beloved and recognisable of ...

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Barone Fortress-3

Barone Fortress

One of three fortresses built in the hills above Šibenik, Barone Fortress offers stunning views of the city and the shimmering Adriatic. For centuries, the fortress acted as a defence for Šibenik, but today it offers you a memorable location for ...

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St Michael’s Fortress-4

St Michael’s Fortress

St Michael's Fortress offers a different and fascinating venue for your conference. First mentioned in history in 1066, the fortress is built on a 60-metre hill that commands imposing views of the Adriatic and Šibenik below. St Michael's Fortress ...

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Amadria Park Ivan Event Halls

Our classic hotel Ivan can host both business and leisure guests in elevated comfort. It features two meeting rooms that are well suited to workshops, lectures, seminars or other small gatherings. Our hotel also provides internal access to the ...

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Amadria Park Jure Event Room-6

Amadria Park Jure Event Room

Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, our chic hotel Jure is a great choice. It features a large meeting hall for many different types of events, from movie screenings to conferences. You’ll also discover plenty of comfortable ...

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Hotel Niko Event Halls-7

Hotel Niko Event Halls

With its relaxed Mediterranean vibes, Hotel Niko has plenty to offer both business visitors and sun-seeking holidaymakers. With three adaptable meeting rooms, two of which can be combined to create a larger space, our facility can accommodate ...

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Convention Centre Šibenik

This is the first and largest convention centre in the Croatia and Adriatic region. A world-class venue offering 11 state-of-the-art meeting halls, the centre is spread out over three easy-to-navigate levels, each floor serving a different ...

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