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Park Hotel Jakov Aquapark Dalmatia

Aquapark Dalmatia

Did you know that Amadria Park is the only Croatian hotel group with its own waterpark?      Soak up the summer at Aquapark Dalmatia, aquatic fun for all the family. A thrilling water adventure awaits, with the cascading Aqua ...

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En Vogue Beach Club

En Vogue Beach Club

     En Vogue Beach Club - where the daytime magic unfolds! We have the perfect ingredients to make your visit unforgettable! As an 18+ club, we want you to party with all 5 senses. The food, the drinks, the ...

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Hotel Royal Wellness & Spa

Royal Beach

Set in front of unparalleled views of Kvarner Bay and the sparkling Adriatic waters, and lined with picturesque palm-trees, Royal Beach is just the spot for relaxing, unwinding and chilling out in effortless style. Recline on comfortable sunbeds nestled among ...

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Gastro World-4

Gastro World

Dabble in the delights of the region with Gastro World’s tantalising mix of food and drink options to suit every taste. Whether you enjoy individual dishes or sample a bit of everything, a delicious experience awaits. - Caffe Continental - ...

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Dalmatian Ethno Village-5

Dalmatian Ethno Village

For a must-try authentic experience, discover the rich culinary heritage of the region with a visit to Dalmatian Ethno Village. Offering a garden-to-plate experience, the village gives you a taste of the cooking traditions and agricultural methods of the region’s past, ...

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Mediterranean City-6

Mediterranean City

From spring onwards, enjoy a chill beverage in the lounge or terrace of the beer tavern, or dine on a meal inspired by the world's healthiest diet (the Mediterranean of course!), in the new indoor-outdoor restaurant coming to Mediterranean City. ...

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Restaurant Argonauti & Cafe Wagner-7

Restaurant Argonauti & Cafe Wagner

The historic villa Milenij was built in the late 20th century according to the project of the famous architect Carl Seidl. As a confirmation of success, two years later, in the Vienesse magazine, an article was published speaking specifically about ...

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Historic Hotel Capital Zagreb Private Club

Capital Private Club

Besides the beautiful and luxurious rooms and apartments, the most intriguing part of the Hotel Capital is a massive vault that used to be the most secured part of the bank. Today, it is an exclusive and secretive area open ...

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Galija Explorer Ship-9

Galija Explorer Ship

Fun for all the family, the pirate-themed Galija Explorer Ship lets you enjoy an excursion aboard an authentic, restored galley ship from 1914. The Galija Explorer Ship sets sail every day at 10 am to take you on a memorable ...

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