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Opatija Riviera Vintage Tour

Soak up the atmosphere of the historic Opatija Riviera and enjoy the best moments of your holidays!

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Swimming school in Opatija

Swimming school in Opatija

KŠR Gorovo organizes a traditional swimming school again this year in cooperation with the City Society of the Red Cross of Opatija.

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Opatija Adventure - Cliffs and caves

Opatija Adventure

Best adventure in Opatija !

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historical-adventure tours

Adventurer – historical-adventure tours

Historical-adventure tours with ADVENTURER ADVENTURER is an adventure agency that organizes guided historical-adventure tours in and around Rijeka. Each tour is a unique combination of

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EDUKIDO in Amadria Park hotels-5

EDUKIDO in Amadria Park hotels

Workshops with LEGO® bricks and unique educational programs every Thursday and Sunday!

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Nordic walking on the historical paths of Opatija

Nordic walking on the historical paths of Opatija

You can find information about the “Nordic walking on the historical paths of Opatija” on the official Opatija tourism website. Each week, the route details for

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Climbing and Bouldering

BoldeRi – Climbing and Bouldering

The activities are intended for all beginners in climbing. Step by step, participants learn the first important patterns of movement. With the support of the

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Šibenik Four Fortresses-8

Šibenik Four Fortresses

If you plan to visit Šibenik for tourism or business, you might not want to miss out on the overwhelming experience of visiting these fortresses

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Krka National Park – Šibenik Region-9

Krka National Park – Šibenik Region

A stay at Šibenik is not complete without a trip to the spectacular Krka National Park. Don’t miss a visit to Skradinski Buk, a breath-taking

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Mediterranean Garden | Spa & Wellness, Šibenik - Amadria Park

A Sanctuary of Relaxation: Hotel Ivan’s Mediterranean Garden Spa Experience

Mediterranean Garden Spa & Wellness is a captivating wellness center located in Amadria Park Šibenik, right next door to Hotel Ivan.

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‘Be Active’ with Mario Mlinaric-11

‘Be Active’ with Mario Mlinaric

Amadria Park & Mario Mlinarić team building Plan unforgettable team building with MM Training! Strengthen your team by developing healthy habits, because a healthy and

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Aquarium Terrarium Šibenik-12

Aquarium Terrarium Šibenik

Step into history and nature at Šibenik’s Aquarium Terrarium.

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St. Nicholas’ Fortress: The Beautiful Gatekeeper of Šibenik-13

St. Nicholas’ Fortress: The Beautiful Gatekeeper of Šibenik

St. Nicolas’ fortress is located at the St. Anthony’s Channel. This beautiful fortress was the defense system in history of the town.

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Zagreb Museums-14

Zagreb Museums

Year Round Visit any of Zagreb’s dozens of museums, including from classic to unique, to the interactive and quirky. Most are open year round. Check

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The Falconry Center Dubrava-15

The Falconry Center Dubrava

Discover an extraordinary experience in the Falconry Center Dubrava, just 8 km from Šibenik.

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Day trip to Rijeka

Day Trip to Rijeka

13 km from Opatija. Rijeka – Croatia’s third-largest city (after Zagreb and Split) and the European Capital of Culture 2020, positioned on the Port of

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Opatija’s Seafront Promenades-17

Opatija’s Seafront Promenades

Known for having the longest seafront promenade in Croatia, Opatija is a city that’s ideal for walking and easy leisure. Over a century old, the popular

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Zagreb – for Year Round Concerts-18

Zagreb – for Year Round Concerts

All types of music and cultural genres are represented, with purpose-built venues dedicated to particular performance styles. As the home of Zagreb Philharmonic 

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Plitvice Lakes National Park – World Heritage Site-19

Plitvice Lakes National Park – World Heritage Site

A journey to the Plitvice Lakes National Park offers rich rewards. Set in central Croatia, the forest reserve features a chain of 16 terraced lakes

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Symbol of Opatija – an Iconic Statue-20

Symbol of Opatija – an Iconic Statue

Make sure you pay a visit to the Maiden with the Seagull, the 1956 statue by sculptor Zvonko Car along the Lungomare promenade overlooking Kvarner Bay. She has

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Ban Jelačić Square – Central Zagreb-21

Ban Jelačić Square – Central Zagreb

Set in the pulsing heart of the city centre, Ban Jelačić Square is the largest square and most famous landmark in Zagreb. The time-tested people’s

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Unmissable UNESCO-heritage day trips you should do from Opatija-22

Unmissable UNESCO-heritage day trips you should do from Opatija

One of the many advantages of Opatija is its great location, so that within just two hours' drive there are as many as four sites protected by the UNESCO World Heritage List to be visited.

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St James Cathedral & Šibenik Old Town-23

St James Cathedral & Šibenik Old Town

St James Cathedral is an architectural marvel even to this day. Built over a 105-year period, from the mid-15th to the mid-16th century, construction commenced

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Zagreb’s Upper Town – Gradec-24

Zagreb’s Upper Town – Gradec

This historic, hilltop district of central Zagreb hosts one of the highest concentrations of historic and cultural treasures, beginning with Gradec (Gornji Grad – Upper Town), the 

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American Gardens – a Historical Garden in Opatija-25

American Gardens – a Historical Garden in Opatija

Opatija has a secret garden; a peaceful, green oasis in the middle of town with a stunning view of Kvarner Bay – known as the

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Brijuni Islands National Park – Istria Region-26

Brijuni Islands National Park – Istria Region

Accessible from Pula is the Brijuni Islands National Park, a cluster of 14 islands off the Istrian west coast, with a host of archaeological and

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Lenuci’s Horseshoe (Lower Town Zagreb )-27

Lenuci’s Horseshoe (Lower Town Zagreb )

Zagreb has hundreds of parks, gardens and green spaces. The Lower Town has its own horseshoe-shaped green space (Lenuci’s Horseshoe), a series of seven parks

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Day Trip to Pula – Istria Region-28

Day Trip to Pula – Istria Region

101 km from Opatija.  Pula (Istrian peninsula) – the colourful history of Pula stretches back to antiquity, but some of the best landmarks date back to

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Aquapark Dalmatia Šibenik

Aquapark Dalmatia

     Visit the first theme aquapark in Croatia! Experience a water adventure in the Aquapark Dalmatia theme park, which covers 8,000 square meters. Aquapark

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Zagreb’s Upper Town – Kaptol-30

Zagreb’s Upper Town – Kaptol

The centuries-old, cafe-lined Tkalčićeva Street and open-air, farmers’ market Dolac, separate Gradec from Kaptol. Kaptol is famous for the Zagreb Cathedral (Croatia’s tallest 

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Risnjak National Park-31

Risnjak National Park

The mountainous and thickly forested Risnjak National Park in Gorski Kotar is a spectacular national park, 71 km from Opatija, offering hiking, sightseeing and fresh

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Maksimir Park Zagreb-32

Maksimir Park Zagreb

The myriad of walking trails from Zagreb’s leafy suburbs are well-connected to Mount Medvednica, including the surrounding urban areas of the 1,005-acre Maksimir Park –

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Kornati National Park-33

Kornati National Park

You’ll find an exceptional abundance of natural beauty in the Kornati National Park. A nautical paradise made up of 89 islands, islets and reefs, Kornati

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Windsurf and SUP School in Šibenik-34

Windsurf and SUP School in Šibenik

Get your aquatic sports fix with the Wind Rose water sports centre at Amadria Park Šibenik – the new place for fans of active vacations, adventurous

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Biking in the Šibenik Region-35

Biking in the Šibenik Region

An abundance of biking trails can be found all over the Šibenik region – through picturesque terrain, that in its unique, raw beauty, includes coastal,

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Hiking, Trekking & Mountaineering Around Šibenik-36

Hiking, Trekking & Mountaineering Around Šibenik

Numerous mountain peaks around the Šibenik region offer trails for hiking and trekking, catering to various levels of fitness. Visitors can relish the feeling of

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Amadria Park Kornati

5 ideas for an intimate getaway from the crowds

The Šibenik region is ideal for those seeking a more romantic escape and secluded places for two. Unlike other Adriatic destinations, Šibenik and its surroundings are still a relatively well-kept secret.

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En Vogue Beach Club Šibenik

En Vogue Beach Club

     While you enjoy rich views of the Šibenik archipelago and azure Adriatic waters, sink into comfortable sunbeds and white curtained baldachins in the

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Villa & Park Angiolina: the birth of Opatija's tourism boom

Villa and Park Angiolina

Villa Angiolina Built in 1844 by Rijeka merchant Ignio Scarpa, it marks the beginning of Opatija’s appeal as a getaway destination, and Croatia’s first and

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Medvednica Nature Park & Sljeme – Northern Zagreb-40

Medvednica Nature Park & Sljeme – Northern Zagreb

Zagreb is blessed with a mountain on its doorstep. The heavily forested Mount Medvednica is a favourite with locals for a weekend hike to the

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Seafront Promenade Opatija

Get outdoors active in Opatija

Enjoy a workout of a different kind in the unspoilt, natural surrounds of beautiful Opatija, where one day presents you with endless opportunities. Whilst the

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Zagreb Funicular (Lower Town)-42

Zagreb Funicular (Lower Town)

Even though it’s the Lower Town (Donji Grad), locals refer to this as the Zagreb centre. The district is somewhat newer than Upper Town, with

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Učka Nature Park-43

Učka Nature Park

Opatija’s backdrop, Učka Nature Park, is a protected area in the Učka mountains with hiking routes to canyons, waterfalls and historic sites. A half-day trek

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Zagreb Cathedral – Croatia’s Tallest Building-44

Zagreb Cathedral – Croatia’s Tallest Building

Located in Kaptol district just above Ban Jelačić Square, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is Zagreb‘s most defining landmark and 

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Šibenik City Museum-45

Šibenik City Museum

Housed in the 13th and 14 century Rector’s Palace on Šibenik’s waterfront, the museum has 150,000 items in its collection of archaeological, cultural, historical and 

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Paklenica National Park – Zadar Region-46

Paklenica National Park – Zadar Region

Paklenica offers a multitude of hiking and rock climbing opportunities in spectacular surrounds. The National Park’s ancient and primeval beech forests, on Mount Velebit’s 

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Day trip to Zadar-47

Day trip to Zadar

90 km from Šibenik. Zadar (north of Šibenik) – historic town on a peninsula surrounded by 3km-long, UNESCO-protected defense walls packed with history, culture and

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Day trip to Split-48

Day trip to Split

89 km from Šibenik. Split (south of Šibenik) – Croatia’s bustling second largest city holds one of the best examples of Roman architecture, the UNESCO-listed

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Day trip to Trogir-49

Day trip to Trogir

61 km from Šibenik. Trogir – 2,300 years worth of exquisite, well-preserved historical Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture and artwork in this 

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Environmental awareness

How we’re doing our part to care for the planet

Our respect for the environment and our love for our destinations runs deep. As a 116-year-old, family-owned company it's been a passion of ours from the very beginning. After all, It's our heritage!

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