Our Heritage

Over 100 years of service

With over 100 years of service, Amadria Park has a rich and varied Adriatic hospitality heritage, from our restaurant roots to today’s impeccable suite of hotels, attractions and amenities, and we remain family-owned to this day.


Passion for immaculate service

Our journey into a future of hospitality, innovation and passion for immaculate service started with a family-owned and run restaurant in the town of Benkovac, 1904. Synonymous with a warm welcome and every attention to detail, these attributes are core to the Amadria Park ethos today.


Hotel Milenij

Hotel Milenij was born in 2000 when we transformed an Austro-Hungarian, Habsburg-era villa in the heart of Opatija into a world-class, luxury hotel. Remaining sensitive to its late-1800s heritage, our careful curation and restoration enriched the villa to its former grandeur and then some.

Now our guests can experience the rich history of the region in exquisite, modern luxury. An icon of Opatija and one of Croatia’s first 5-star luxury hotels, Milenij paved the way for further villa restorations, along with the introduction of guest attractions and new hotel projects, fuelling a new era for Amadria Park.

Early 2000’s

Solaris Resorts

In the late 1960s, the development of the state-owned Solaris in Šibenik began, with a vision for five hotels in an unspoiled and scenic location. This vision was supported by the emerging tourism boom and enhanced Croatian infrastructure.

Acquisition and innovation followed in the early 2000s, ushering in a new phase of development and investment for the hotels, with our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.


The Amadria Park Era

The time was right to move the portfolio forward as one brand, one family. We entered a process of re-energisation and maintained our reputation for impeccable quality across our hotels and attractions in Šibenik, Opatija and a newly-launched, heritage hotel in Zagreb. Amadria Park is looking forward to what’s coming next in what are exciting and innovative times.