Restaurant Argonauti & Cafe Wagner

Restaurant Argonauti & Cafe Wagner

The historic villa Milenij was built in the late 20th century according to the project of the famous architect Carl Seidl. As a confirmation of success, two years later, in the Vienesse magazine, an article was published speaking specifically about Villa Milenij being a definition of architectural excellence in an effort to maximally adjust to the Opatija Riviera landscape. The final phase of the construction of the hotel is 1924, when, according to the architect’s project documentation, a ballroom (today’s Argonauti restaurant) was added.. The walls of the hall were painted by the Viennese painter Karl Ludwig Hassman with Greek mithology served as his theme. Today, you can see the unique frescoes in the Argonauts restaurant and remember the famous legend of the Argonauts related to the Kvarner Bay.

Adore the most popular Opatija terrace!

The terrace of the Hotel Milenij is the most famous terrace in Opatija. Due to its charming and romantic atmosphere, it is a favorite to enjoy all day long. The most beautiful start of the day with the well-known breakfast of the Milenij Hotel and its finest delicacies, daily socializing with a cup of coffee, tea, and homemade cakes in the Wagner Café, or in the evening with a glass of champagne, wine, and fish specialties. The terrace is especially attractive during summer days when its rich program turns into a center of music and stage events in the heart of Opatija. Every day of the week there are live music programs, and every Thursday in July and August there are special music and stage events featuring famous and acclaimed artists.

Start your day with breakfast on the terrace with the beautiful Opatija promenade Lungo Mare and an impressive view of the entire Kvarner, enjoy the taste of homemade cakes and desserts in Opatija’s most famous cafe, relax with romantic piano sounds and a glass of fine wine or indulge in a unique fine dining experience and fanciful creations of our Chef.

Did you know

Kavana Wagner vs. Caffé Principe Umberto

The cafe in this location has existed since 1898 and was named after the first owner, a renowned caterer of the time, Richard Wagner. During the Kingdom of Italy, it was called Cafe Principe Umberto in honor of Prince Umberto, who was a guest on one occasion. Over the following years, the villa changed and underwent numerous

Carl Seidl - a Viennese architect who made his best works in Opatija

In 1908, the famous architect Carl Seidl designed the old part of today’s Hotel Milenij as an upgrade of the already existing villa. Its adaptation was completed in 1910

Who were the Argonauts?

The Argonauts, sailors from the ship Argo led by Jason, by order of the Thessalian king Pelias, reached Colchis by boat and stole the golden fleece that guarded the sea monster against the bulls that spat fire. Completing the task, on their way back they entered the Kvarner Bay where they were greeted by the Colchians and started the legendary battle.

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