Amadria Park Hotels ( Šibenik )

Amadria Park Hotel Ivan ****+-1

Amadria Park Hotel Ivan ****+

Looking for a luxurious getaway for couples? Look no further than Hotel Ivan, where you can indulge in a Mediterranean atmosphere and enjoy a high level of comfort. Relax and pamper yourself at our Mediterranean Garden Spa and Wellness, featuring ...

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Hotel Jure ****+ | Beach Hotel in Šibenik, Croatia - Amadria Park

Amadria Park Beach Hotel Jure ****+

Seeking a lively and stylish spot to stay? You’ll find it at Jure. Boasting an elegant and modern style infused with striking design accents, hotel Jure offers both upbeat vibes and a relaxed ambiance, along with an impressive range of ...

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Hotel Andrija **** | Family Hotel in Šibenik, Croatia - Amadria Park

Amadria Park Kids Hotel Andrija****

Croatia’s first children’s hotel, Andrija, is curated to delight and inspire. With sea-inspired themes throughout, we offer lively entertainment options and all the comforts and features your family expects for a memorable stay. Kids at Andrija will enjoy our fun ...

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Amadria Park Family Hotel Jakov ****-4

Amadria Park Family Hotel Jakov ****

If you’re seeking a destination that’s perfectly tuned to the needs of families, our hotel Jakov is just the place. It offers rest and recreation, accommodating to the needs of guests of all ages. Hotel Jakov features family rooms – ...

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Hotel Niko | Beach Hotel in Šibenik, Croatia - Amadria Park

Amadria Park Beach Hotel Niko ***

Just steps from the beach and Adriatic, our Hotel Niko also sits alongside landscaped gardens and a peaceful pine forest. During your stay here, you’ll enjoy panoramic views, enticing swimming pools, and dining options that reflect the region’s culinary traditions. ...

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