About Zagreb

Amadria Park

Welcome to Croatia’s lively, multicultural capital, Zagreb, with its fascinating history and architectural character, sometimes nicknamed “Little Vienna” due to three centuries of Austro-Hungarian rule. Zagreb’s Upper Town grew out of two settlements from the Middle Ages, Kaptol and Gradec, forming one of Croatia’s best preserved historic town cores. Its most recognised landmark is Ban Jelacic Square, the city’s main square and popular meeting place. Although located in Lower Town, it’s actually considered the city centre. From the 19th Century, Zagreb’s Lower Town, was architecturally redeveloped as part of a Croatian National Revival movement, emerging as a bustling quarter with the construction of many state buildings, theatres, galleries and museums that contribute to Zagreb’s modern-day charm. These include the iconic National Theatre, Central Railway Station, and many banks and hotels. Today, Zagreb retains its cultural and historical appeal. With a cafe bar almost on every corner, it offers a coffee culture to match. It is also a green city, featuring many beautiful parks, botanic gardens and open spaces, providing a a backdrop to the city’s many events and festivals.