Welcome to Amadria Park Hotels

Welcome to Amadria Park

We are excited to welcome you to the new website.

The former brands, Solaris Beach Resort (Šibenik) and Milenij hotels (Opatija), now operating under the Amadria Park brand.

Why Amadria Park?

For a number of good reasons. Both Milenij and Solaris share the same ownership, and as a result share the same philosophy on:

The importance of a genuine, refreshing style of hospitality

The bond and values of family

Continuously innovating the guest offer

A commitment to personalised, exceptional service and travel experience for each guest.

Where did the name Amadria Park come from?

The name Amadria Park is derived from our origins on the Adriatic coast and reflects the pristine nature of our beautiful locations. Now, with tourism from abroad reaching new heights, we wanted a name that would resonate with all people.

Amadria Park combines the strength of its two original companies, Solaris and Milenij, making it well-placed for future growth and even greater opportunities for all guests.

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Beautiful desinations

Opatija, Šibenik, Zagreb




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