Royal Beach

Set in front of unparalleled views of Kvarner Bay and the sparkling Adriatic waters, and lined with picturesque palm-trees, Royal Beach is just the spot for relaxing, unwinding and chilling out in effortless style. Recline on comfortable sunbeds nestled among crisp white baldachins, take a dip in the gentle waters, enjoy a beach-side massage and sip on refreshing drinks and cocktails. You can wile away the hours in elegance and luxury.

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Did You Know

Brilliant location

Royal Beach offers a waterfront location right in front of Amadria Park hotels Royal and Grand Hotel 4 Opatijska Cvijeta.

Sunny and warm

Opatija Riviera enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate, averaging 2,230 sunshine hours annually. Average summer air temperatures reach a pleasant 25°C (average high temperature is 30°C).

Good for you

Opatija is literally good for you! The sea is rich in the ‘feel-good’ mineral magnesium and the sea air is a good source of iodine. Average summer sea temperatures reach 24°C.

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