A Sanctuary of Relaxation: Hotel Ivan’s Mediterranean Garden Spa Experience

A Sanctuary of Relaxation: Hotel Ivan’s Mediterranean Garden Spa Experience

Mediterranean Garden Spa & Wellness is a captivating wellness center located in Amadria Park Šibenik, right next door to Hotel Ivan. Our spa space is meticulously designed to meet your needs for relaxation and to give in to a premium wellness experience. 

Start a journey through the world of luxury with our indoor heated pools, where six exclusive pools create a true heaven for relaxation. Two pools filled with seawater offer you a unique experience – a large swimmer’s pool with a depth of 120 cm, maintaining a pleasant 28°C, and a small hydro-massage pool at temperatures of 32-33°C. Four hydro-massage pools with fresh water are further designed to provide complete pleasure at a depth of 90 cm, with temperatures ranging from 32°-33°C.

Our three different saunas represent a true oasis for lovers of warmth and relaxation. The Finnish sauna with a temperature of 90°C can accommodate up to 23 people, creating an ideal environment for complete relaxation. The Bio sauna with light therapy offers a gentle experience at temperatures of 50°C, while the steam bath (Turkish sauna) with a capacity for 4 people provides an authentic experience at temperatures of 45-50°C.

Discover the unique Hammam zone, where you can enjoy a traditional experience with or without rituals. Our relaxation room provides an intimate environment for unwinding, with a capacity of approximately 15 people, creating a quiet corner to escape from everyday stress.

Enjoy refreshing natural juices and teas at our Vitamin bar, while our fitness room equipped with the latest equipment is at your disposal for maintaining fitness.

We offer you eight premium massage rooms, including one specially designed for couples, providing you with a unique opportunity for shared relaxation and revitalization. Experience top-notch manicures and pedicures using permanent polish to achieve a flawless look.

The Mediterranean Garden Spa & Wellness at Hotel Ivan is an irresistible destination that invites you to journey deep into the world of relaxation and luxury. Experience the ultimate wellness experience, where every detail has its story, and your satisfaction is our highest mission.