‘Be Active’ with Mario Mlinaric

‘Be Active’ with Mario Mlinaric

Amadria Park & Mario Mlinarić team building

Plan unforgettable team building with MM Training! Strengthen your team by developing healthy habits, because a healthy and satisfied team is the strongest team.

“We believe that within each of us there is a power that can move mountains – a power that makes a difference.
We are united by our love for life and the desire to live it healthily and with quality, and to help each individual with our work, on the way to healthy habits. Teamwork, professionalism and equal opportunities are the values we follow and promote.” MM

Mario Mlinarić has a master’s degree in kinesiology, professor of physical and health education, expert associate at the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb and Ambassador of the Croatian School Sports Association.
During his many years of experience in fitness and mental training, Mario achieves top results with numerous professional athletes.

Applications for Team building: https://www.trening.com/mm-team