The Falconry Center Dubrava

The Falconry Center Dubrava

The Falconry Center is located in Dubrava, only 8 kilometers from the center of Šibenik. They are giving you the chance to experience something that can’t be seen everywhere, an amazing experience for nature lovers and adventurers out there.

During this almost unreal experience, you’re going to see different species of predatory birds and witness the magnificent flight of the falcons. Although it looks surreal, like from the beginning of a Hollywood movie, it’s there and very real – right outside of the city.

In addition to breeding and taking care of various bird species, The Falconry Center also provides the necessary assistance – they take care of injured and sick birds.

This place offers a unique opportunity to get to know the world of sky hunters – falcons. Birds of prey have always been a source of admiration and fascination, hence the great interest in these and similar birds.

Falconry is an ancient skill of hunting with falcons that dates back thousands of years. Although the tradition of falconry has somewhat declined in popularity, the emergence of such societies and bird enthusiasts is slowly improving the situation.

The Falconry Center Dubrava proudly continues the tradition of falconry and spreading awareness of the importance of preserving nature and the life of falcons. Furthermore, it offers visitors the opportunity to explore the world of birds of prey and learn about their significance in the ecosystem.

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