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Opatija Time Travel-1

Opatija Time Travel

June – September 2020

Experience Opatija’s history as its main protagonists.


Nordic walking and hiking on the historic trails of Opatija-2

Nordic walking and hiking on the historic trails of Opatija

July – August 2020

Every Tuesday from 9:00 to 10:30 and Friday from 18:30 to 19:30 we go on a tour of the historic trails of Opatija with Nordic walking poles.

Check in no later than the day before, at the Amadria Park Hotels receptions.


Opatija Summer Gala Concerts ‘Music by the Sea’-3

Opatija Summer Gala Concerts ‘Music by the Sea’

July – August 2020

In continuing the tradition since 2011, our annual gala concert series will feature divine music that embraces different genres from classical to contemporary all performed by brilliant musicians at Hotel Milenij‘s terrace.

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August 2020

Get your fix of nostalgia for the sixties and seventies at RetrOpatija. A unique event that brings Opatija back to a carefree, laidback era, it includes film screenings, retro music and concerts, professional dancers in retro outfits, food and beverage tastes of the past and a classic car line-up.

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Liburnia Film Festival in Opatija-5

Liburnia Film Festival in Opatija

23 – 28 August 2020

Liburnia Film Festival is the first documentary film festival in Croatia and the only festival screening only the latest in Croatian documentaries.

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Bajaga & Instruktori | Open Air Theatre Opatija-6

Bajaga & Instruktori | Open Air Theatre Opatija

29 August 2020

At Bajaga’s big concert in Opatija, the audience will hear many old hits.

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Mandrać International Painting Competition | Volosko-7

Mandrać International Painting Competition | Volosko

29 – 30 August, 2020

The yearly painting competition returns to the quaint fishing village of Volosko on Opatija’s Riviera.

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Učka Fair-8

Učka Fair

September 2020

The Učka Fair is an interactive display of the cultural heritage of Učka Nature Park and surrounding areas. Attracting more than 8,000 visitors each year, the fair showcases local handicrafts, traditions and food. An unspoiled, natural treasure, Učka Nature Park is 25km from Opatija.

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Craft Beer & Sausage Weekend-9

Craft Beer & Sausage Weekend

September 2020

Every September Osteria da Ugo becomes a Craft Beer destination. Taste the beer from the best Croatian breweries with promotional beer prices and beer delicacies prepared by our chefs! A total of six breweries present their best beer that ends with a beer evening and a guest appearance by the brewery!

Month of boletus, truffles and teran wine | Opatija-10

Month of boletus, truffles and teran wine | Opatija

September – October 2020

Boletus (porcini) and Truffles are the most famous forest mushrooms. The best wine choice to go with your boletus and truffle dish is Teran – the old indigenous Istrian wine grape variety. Taste our special menus at our Opatija restaurants: Argonauti, Osteria da Ugo, Sveti Jakov, Camellia and Kitchen.

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Marunada | Lovran Chestnut Festival-11

Marunada | Lovran Chestnut Festival

October 2020

The month-long Chestnut Days festival was established in 1974 to celebrate the season with a wide-ranging menu of food and drink  inspired by the chestnut. Due to the area’s special climate, Lovran chestnuts are considered amongst the world’s best. The festival also includes entertainment, music, exhibits and other activities.

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Advent in Opatija-12

Advent in Opatija

27 November 2020 – 10 January 2021

Enjoy an enchanting Advent season amongst Habsburg-era villas, in a mild climate by the sea. Decorated in Christmas lights, Opatija’s streets and squares are like a magical fairytale come to life. Highlights include an ice skating rink, Christmas markets, music and theatre at various venues and streets filled with the sounds of Christmas carols.

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Opatija Chocolate Festival-13

Opatija Chocolate Festival

4 – 6 December 2020

During the Chocolate Festival weekend, Opatija reveals a delicious, seductive array of chocolate menus, cocktails, live music and much more. Participating Amadria Park venues include Milenij’s Caffé Wagner and Restaurant Argonauti, the Gastro World’s Caffe Continental, Osteria da Ugo and Milenij Choco World.

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Opatija Children’s Carnival Parade-14

Opatija Children’s Carnival Parade

February 2021

Hundreds of children from all over the Kvarner region march down Opatija’s main street, from Market Hall to Slatina Beach, in their special masks and costumes. A festival with a wide array of family entertainment follows the parade. This is part of the month-long Carnival celebrations in Rijeka, Opatija and the Kvarner region.

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Balinjerada | Opatija-15

Balinjerada | Opatija

February 2021

Balinjerada is an original attraction of Opatija, a race of homemade carts or vehicles on ball-bearing wheels (balinjere) that can gather quite some speed! Participants dress in costumes and carnival masks to race down Opatija’s main street. The festival continues post-race with street food and entertainment.

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International Carnival Parade in Rijeka-16

International Carnival Parade in Rijeka

February 2021

Rijeka’s International Carnival Parade is the highlight and culmination of the month of festivities in the Kvarner region and further afield. Hundreds of themed floats and thousands of people in masks and elaborate costumes parade in front of local and international spectators.

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Il Volo | Open Air Theatre Opatija-17

Il Volo | Open Air Theatre Opatija

4 July 2021

Il Volo, the only Italian group that has achieved success on all continents and among all generations.

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