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Summer 2023 – Fortress of culture

This Summer, The Fortresses of Culture, offer an exceptional music program on the most beautiful stages in the Adriatic. Spend unforgettable moments enjoying performances by your favorite artists under a star-spangled sky. For more information, event dates, and ticket prices, please refer to the program.


Šibenik International Children’s Festival-2

Šibenik International Children’s Festival

The International Children’s Festival is a trademark of the child-friendly city of Šibenik. This festival is known internationally and it’s been held for six decades. The most interesting highlights of the program are the children’s workshops, performances on the outdoor stage in front of the UNESCO-protected St. James Cathedral, screening of children’s movies on the steps of the old town, and much more. This is just one of the reasons why you and your children should visit Šibenik from June 24th to July 8th. This time of year, Šibenik is the center of entertainment for every child.


Ultra Europe | Split-3

Ultra Europe | Split

Get ready for an electrifying extravaganza of electronic music at the epic three-day festival, complete with jaw-dropping opening and closing parties. Brace yourself for an insane line-up of the hottest DJs in the electronic scene, guaranteed to blow your mind. And guess what? The venue is just a little over an hour’s drive away from the buzzing city of Šibenik. So, hop in and get ready to have the time of your life.

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Dalmatian Chanson in Šibenik-4

Dalmatian Chanson in Šibenik

“The Evenings of Dalmatian Chanson” in Šibenik has been taking place since 1988 at the Republic Square in Šibenik. This event has won numerous awards for the outstanding quality of the artists and their performances. The festival features live performances by the best Croatian artists accompanied by orchestras, choirs, and ensembles. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy top-notch performances and experience a unique ambiance that only this festival can provide.


Šibenik City Library ‘Juraj Šižgorić’ | Arts & Culture-5

Šibenik City Library ‘Juraj Šižgorić’ | Arts & Culture

Year Round

The Šibenik City Library offers an interesting, curated mix of artistic and cultural presentations held on a regular basis throughout the year, consisting of photographic and fine arts exhibitions, poetry and book readings, lectures and workshops, concerts, film and documentary screenings.