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Šibenik City Library ‘Juraj Šižgorić’ | Arts & Culture-1

Šibenik City Library ‘Juraj Šižgorić’ | Arts & Culture

Year Round

The Šibenik City Library offers an interesting, curated mix of artistic and cultural presentations held on a regular basis throughout the year, consisting of photographic and fine arts exhibitions, poetry and book readings, lectures and workshops, concerts, film and documentary screenings.

Šibenik International Children’s Festival-2

Šibenik International Children’s Festival

20 June – 4 July 2020

A unique cultural event and Šibenik trademark since 1958, the two week International Children’s Festival features a full program of arts and culture for children, including drama, visual art, music, puppets, film and television, and a host of performances and interactive activities.


Let’s Rock! on St. Mihovil Fortress-3

Let’s Rock! on St. Mihovil Fortress

21. June 2020

St. Mihovil Fortress celebrates World Music Day and welcomes summer! After a long period of uncertainty and silence, the music capital of Dalmatia will ignite on the longest day of the year with a festival called Let’s Rock! which will mark the beginning of summer.

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Traditional Klapa Evenings Šibenik-4

Traditional Klapa Evenings Šibenik

July – September 2020

Organised annually by the Tourist Board of Šibenik, these evenings celebrate Klapa song – an old Dalmatian form of a cappella singing that’s been recognised by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Musical performances can be enjoyed from 9.30 pm every Thursday evening throughout the summer months in Ivana Pavla II Square in the Old Town.

Musica Appassionata | Šibenik-5

Musica Appassionata | Šibenik

July 2020

Musica Appassionata is Šibenik’s week-long festival dedicated to classical music. It’s held from mid-July at various locations around the Old Town, including the Croatian National Theatre building.

Supertoon International Animation Festival | Šibenik-6

Supertoon International Animation Festival | Šibenik

20 – 24 July 2020

The Supertoon International Animation Festival is a festival offering insights into Croatian and international short animated films and video production. Held throughout the Old Town, the festival includes competitions in five categories, retrospectives and theme screenings, exhibitions, workshops and lectures.


OFF Jazz & Blues Festival Šibenik-7

OFF Jazz & Blues Festival Šibenik

July 2020

Since 2007, Šibenik’s dedicated, three-day OFF Jazz & Blues Festival is held every July against the backdrop of the Old Town’s ancient white stone buildings and lanes.


Dalmatian Chanson Evenings in Šibenik-8

Dalmatian Chanson Evenings in Šibenik

August 2020

The two-night festival ‘Dalmatian Chanson Evenings in Šibenik’, has been held since 1988 in Trg Republic Hrvatska on the weekend after the Feast of the Assumption. The event has received a multitude awards for the outstanding quality. It features Croatia’s best artists performing live alongside an orchestra, choir and ensembles.


Medieval Fair in Šibenik-9

Medieval Fair in Šibenik

September 2020

The city’s International Medieval Fair is held every year on the eve of St Michael’s Feast (the patron saint of Šibenik). During the event, the entire city is transformed into a medieval marketplace bustling with activity.

Šibenik Run: Šibenik 10 & Šibenik 4-10

Šibenik Run: Šibenik 10 & Šibenik 4

24 October 2020

Šibenik, a producer of many great Croatian athletes, will host two road running races as part of this sporting event. The event features a 10-kilometre race, known as the Šibenik 10, and the 4-kilometre Dražen 4 – named after Šibenik’s most famous and loved sportsperson, basketballer Dražen Petrović.

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Ultra Europe | Split-11

Ultra Europe | Split

9 – 11 July 2021

The three-day electronic music festival – plus opening and closing parties – features a world-class line-up of the best DJs of the electronic genre. The venue is just over an hour’s drive from Šibenik.

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