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Biking in the Šibenik region-1

Biking in the Šibenik region

An abundance of biking trails can be found all over the Šibenik region – through picturesque terrain, that in its unique, raw beauty, includes coastal, rural and hill tracks offering breathtaking views of island-dotted seas, bountiful olive groves and vineyards through countryside lined with drystone walls, rocky, open plains and shady forests. Trails around the […]

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Hiking, trekking & mountaineering around Šibenik-2

Hiking, trekking & mountaineering around Šibenik

Numerous mountain peaks around the Šibenik region offer trails for hiking and trekking, catering to various levels of fitness. Visitors can relish the feeling of solitude, adventurous heights and clean mountain air while enjoying sweeping panoramas in a mix of natural landscapes and breathtaking views: Promina mountain – the central point of the Šibenik-Knin county […]

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Paklenica National Park-3

Paklenica National Park

Paklenica offers a multitude of hiking and rock climbing opportunities in spectacular surrounds.The National Park is UNESCO Heritage listed for its ancient and primeval beech forests on Mount Velebit’s southern slopes. It consists of: two striking canyons, Velika (Big) Paklenica and Mala (Small) Paklenica; dramatic karst rock formations; a high concentration of intact forests including […]

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Day trip to Trogir-4

Day trip to Trogir

Trogir – 2,300 years worth of exquisite, well-preserved historical Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture and artwork in this UNESCO Heritage town, influenced by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Venetians. The 13th century structures are particularly significant, especially the St Lawrence Cathedral (considered one of the best architectural examples in Croatia) with the Radovan Portal […]

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Day trip to Zadar-5

Day trip to Zadar

Zadar (north of Šibenik) – historic town on a peninsula surrounded by 3km-long, UNESCO-protected defense walls packed with history, culture and cafes. Ancient Rome is visible at the Forum together with Zadar’s most recognisable landmark, the 9th century Church of St Donatus, and the Cathedral of St Anastasia and Church of St Mary, both with […]

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Day trip to Split-6

Day trip to Split

Split (south of Šibenik) – Croatia’s bustling second largest city holds one of the best examples of Roman architecture, the UNESCO listed Diocletian’s Palace. This living monument is alive with shops, cafes, restaurants and a social vibe. The Peristil with its Roman columns and 15th century Egyptian sphinx is a standout landmark. The 5th century […]

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Šibenik’s scenic trail-7

Šibenik’s scenic trail

A 4.4 km coastal and cliff top trail for walking and cycling, along St Anthony’s Channel, reaches from St Nicholas Fortress in Zablaće to Šibenik harbour, offering spectacular views of Šibenik and the archipelago.

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Šibenik City Museum-8

Šibenik City Museum

Housed in the 13th and 14 century Rector’s Palace on Šibenik’s waterfront, the museum has 150,000 items in its collection of archaeological, cultural, historical and ethnographical works of importance to Šibenik’s heritage, and a department of recent history, conservation and restoration workshop.

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Kornati National Park-9

Kornati National Park

You’ll find an exceptional abundance of natural beauty in the Kornati National Park.

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Krka National Park-10

Krka National Park

A stay at Šibenik is not complete without a trip to the spectacular Krka National Park.

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Šibenik Old Town-11

Šibenik Old Town

A trove of discoveries awaits in Šibenik Old Town, with its meandering, narrow streets lined with traditional limestone houses punctuated by carved artwork and red 

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