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Day Trip to Rijeka-1

Day Trip to Rijeka

13 km from Opatija. Rijeka – Croatia’s third-largest city (after Zagreb and Split) and the European Capital of Culture 2020, positioned on the Port of Rijeka (part of 

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Opatija’s Seafront Promenades-2

Opatija’s Seafront Promenades

Known for having the longest seafront promenade in Croatia, Opatija is a city that’s ideal for walking and easy leisure. Over a century old, the popular walking trail referred 

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Symbol of Opatija – an Iconic Statue-3

Symbol of Opatija – an Iconic Statue

Make sure you pay a visit to the Maiden with the Seagull, the 1956 statue by sculptor Zvonko Car along the Lungomare promenade overlooking Kvarner Bay. She has become the

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American Gardens – a Historical Garden in Opatija-4

American Gardens – a Historical Garden in Opatija

Opatija has a secret garden; a peaceful, green oasis in the middle of town with a stunning view of Kvarner Bay – known as the American Gardens. This magnificent park, which covers 

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Brijuni Islands National Park – Istria Region-5

Brijuni Islands National Park – Istria Region

Accessible from Pula is the Brijuni Islands National Park, a cluster of 14 islands off the Istrian west coast, with a host of archaeological and cultural sites, a 

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Day Trip to Pula – Istria Region-6

Day Trip to Pula – Istria Region

101 km from Opatija.  Pula (Istrian peninsula) – the colourful history of Pula stretches back to antiquity, but some of the best landmarks date back to the Roman period. The 

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Risnjak National Park-7

Risnjak National Park

The mountainous and thickly forested Risnjak National Park in Gorski Kotar is a spectacular national park, 71 km from Opatija, offering hiking, sightseeing and fresh alpine air for 

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Villa & Park Angiolina: the beginning of Opatija’s long tourism tradition-8

Villa & Park Angiolina: the beginning of Opatija’s long tourism tradition

Villa Angiolina Built in 1844 by Rijeka merchant Ignio Scarpa, it marks the beginning of Opatija’s appeal as a getaway destination, and Croatia’s first and longest- 

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Get outdoors active in Opatija-9

Get outdoors active in Opatija

Enjoy a workout of a different kind in the unspoilt, natural surrounds of beautiful Opatija, where one day presents you with endless opportunities. Whilst the picturesque 

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Učka Nature Park-10

Učka Nature Park

Opatija’s backdrop, Učka Nature Park, is a protected area in the Učka mountains with hiking routes to canyons, waterfalls and historic sites. A half-day trek from Poklon 

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